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Right now we have an extraordinary opportunity to change the future for all Missourians. #HealthierMO is connecting, rebuilding, and moving forward with our partners and supporters, based on what we've experienced, how the world has changed, and what we all need to be well and thrive. We’re working to assure every Missourian has access to the important public health programs and services they depend on to thrive. 

Our Foundational Public Health Services model defines fundamental capabilities and areas of public health expertise that must be available in every community. We’re supporting public health professionals as they work to close gaps and increase their capacity to assure a strong public health system. We will continue to build from there, encouraging excellence in public health and creating a stronger system that supports better health for all Missourians. 

Copyright 2019 Missouri Public Health Assocation (MPHA), 722 E Capitol Avenue, Jefferson City, Missori. Adapted from the Public Health National Center for Innovation's (PHNCI) national FPHS model. Developed by public health professionals in Missouri and adopted for statewide use by the #HealthierMO Initiative's Executive Committee, December 2019.


We recently teamed up with experts from Humans of St. Louis to collect and share stories from people across the state - stories that highlight the challenges Missourians face and the passion we’re applying to create a brighter tomorrow for all Missourians. 


We need champions, with the compassion to support the people hurting the most and the courage to drive a strategic plan that puts people first. Everyone's health depends on cooperation. Collectively we can create stronger systems that support better health for all of us.  

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Since 2017, #HealthierMO has been a project of the Missouri Public Health Association. Funding has been provided by Missouri Foundation for Health, Health Forward Foundation, and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, with support provided by Missouri State University.

Learn more about the #HealthierMO initiative and how you can join the movement to build a healthier Missouri for all of us.